Earlier today, I had our favorite Christian radio station (kLove) playing on my laptop in the kitchen. The kids and I eventually went into the living room and sat down on the couch. A few moments later, my 4-year-old son looked at me and said, “You better dance, Mom. The music is going to stop.”   Of course it wouldn’t be a big deal to most people, but it was so profound for me in that specific moment. I am 29-years-old. As my 30’s rapidly approach here in less than 2 months, I find myself often wondering where has the time gone? All of a sudden, I am beginning to find grey hairs and I ache terribly all over when I wake up each morning. The kids that I still picture as toddlers are graduating from high school. Not to mention, every time I get injured, the pain seems to last for an unusually long amount of time. Oh and wait, did I mention I have a hysterectomy scheduled for September? Ummm I thought I wouldn’t need one until I was 50… or maybe even older. TMI? Oh well, I’m too old to care. Just kidding. : )

Anyhow, back to business. My son’s words resonated with me so much because that’s exactly how I feel. As the years roll by and the world seems to be getting worse and further away from God, I realize it’s grind time. One day the music really will stop and at that point, what will matter? Let me tell you, the eternal things. That’s all that will matter.  The basic conversation you had with the cashier at the grocery store when you didn’t feel like it. Maybe she was planning to commit suicide that night. That time when you gave a stranger a ride and you ended up talking about your life and shared your testimony. Maybe that gave them hope and inspired them to get off drugs and help others. You just never know. But for me, personally, I’m coming to a point of realizing it’s time to “dance.”   As the last three decades seemed to blend together into one big blur, I thought of all the time I wasted. I am so sick of wasting time. It’s valuable. It’s precious. It’s a gift. I want my time to count. I want my words to be God’s words. I want to challenge my own flesh and love others the way Jesus did, with a radical, pure and selfless love. With a love that raises eyebrows and questions. I have failed more times than I can count in life, but I want the fire in my soul to burn so deeply and passionately that when I do fall, I get back up and it burns ten times brighter and ten times stronger.

So here’s to turning 30 soon and feeling more like a woman and child of God than I ever have before (even when my body aches).

The bible is rich in powerful wisdom, beautiful analogies and inspiring stories that help us to better understand God’s character and successfully grow in the midst of life’s ups and downs. There are so many scriptures that tie into what I shared today, but I will leave you with this one for now.
 “Making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.” – Ephesians 5: 16-17
I encourage you to mediate on them throughout your week. Study the context. In addition, pray for God to show you exactly how you can apply them to your life now. Nothing is too small for Him to use; you just never know what He’s up to! And as always, I am on this journey with you so let’s do this!