The C.U.L.T.U.R.E. Challenge

by Natasha Grantz

In a world where everything seems to be constantly evolving and falling apart at the same time, we barely pause to stop and think anymore. We find ourselves mindlessly caught up in the whirlwind of society, proudly cementing our feet into our individual, culture-driven perspectives and opinions. The self-serving messages our culture sends make it more and more challenging to see life outside of ourselves. As a result, we’ve collectively stopped seeking out truth and have become experts at suppressing the spiritual hunger that lies deep within us all. But, what if we’re missing out on something much greater than this world has to offer? What if the fulfillment and peace we so desperately yearn for is closer than we think?

In The CULTURE Challenge, Natasha Grantz confronts tough topics through personal experiences and biblical truths. Join her, as she takes you past society’s surface-level way of thinking and points you toward the deeper life you’ve always desired.

culture challenge natasha grantz

A Changed Heart: An Intimate Look Into a Pregnant 15 Year Old’s Journey Through Life and Loss

by Natasha Grantz

From the Book:
“I tried to convince myself that you were just sleeping. I stared at your chest waiting for it to move up and down, but it never did and my pain grew worse. Then I just kept waiting for you to get up and for someone to explain why they had to fake your death. As time went on, reality hit me in waves. This wasn’t a bad dream—I wasn’t going to wake up and find you next to me.”

A Changed Heart


“This was the most beautiful tribute letter! If you want to read something so powerful and heart warming read this! Such an amazing thing to read a young girl writing a letter to help with loss and help with her teen pregnancy. It is a great story!”

Samantha L.

“Beautifully written… My students love it as well. It really spoke to young girls thinking about having a baby….they now see all the unexpected things that could happen. Thank you for writing with your heart.”

Amazon Customer

“You sense her heart, her struggle and her journey. Must read. Natasha is genuine, honest, and captivating.”

John E.

“Beautiful Story!!! Very inspiring.”

Katie D.

“This is a very heartfelt read… get your tissues ready!”

Julianna H.

“Emotional, heartfelt, inspiring and wonderful read. Engages you with the very first page.”

Barnes & Noble Customer

“This book is a poignant story of a 15 Year Old’s journey through a tragic loss. Tragedy and triumph you will experience as you read these pages. The raw beauty of this story is that Natasha clearly allows us in to her world, she did not make this story “pretty” it shows her vulnerability as we intimately get a view of her anguish and grief through her eyes. By the end of the book, you’ll definitely be moved to tears of joy and your spirit will be renewed with hope. You will move with her, in to peace, not peace of the world but in to His peace that surpasses all understanding. I personally know Natasha, and she is as beautiful and candid as she is portrayed on these pages.”

Amazon Customer

“I plan to share this beautiful testimony of how God can deliver us through challenging situations and was with us all along. Natasha is a creative writer even from the age of 15! This book is easy to read through and powerful in its depth of raw honesty and therefore deeper connecting ability with the reader. Buy more than one as there will likely be more than one person you will think of afterwards that could be blessed and brought closer to hope in the face of seeming adversity with this beautiful life affirming testimony. The cost is so minimal given the fruit it can yield. Why hesitate?”

Christian Therapist

“I enjoyed how sincere this book was. My daughter is a teen mom so it helped me to see the world through her eyes a little more even though her story wasn’t as tragic as Natasha’s. The ending was my favorite but I won’t spoil it for others. Happy reading!”

Shawna W.