Dear Kanye West

I loved your 2004 hit song, “Jesus Walks.”  I didn’t know why and I didn’t know Jesus... but, there I was listening to it over and over again as a young, very lost teenage girl.  There was a particular passion, desperation and hope in your voice that resonated with me because I too, struggled under

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Not My Home

Last week, our landlord had a roofing company come over to replace the roof.  The diligent roofers worked tirelessly in the over 100-degree weather.  After they finished and left, we noticed there was excess tar spilled down the awnings and all over the concrete patio out back.  Due to spending over 8 hours pressure washing

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We See You, Mama!

One day, about a year ago, I was in church and felt prompted to let one of the worship leaders know that God sees them.  I could feel His heart whispering, I see you…. I see you…. to that person, but the message wasn’t getting through to them.  Apparently, they felt invisible in that season,

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Glowin’ In The Dark

Most nights, me or my husband will read to our two youngest children before bed.  Last night, our son chose an awesome glow-in-the-dark dinosaur book that Nana included in his Easter basket this year. The special glow pages consisted of different habitats.  Various dinosaurs, large and small were camouflaged within each scenery.  You had to

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That’s Not My Job!

Our almost 4-year-old daughter, Harper is very wild, outgoing and silly (she takes after her father). However, she’s also a loving, gentle and surprisingly honest soul for her age.  We found a dollar once on the ground at Giant Eagle and after I asked the lady in front of us if it belonged to her,

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Are You Still There?

My three-year-old daughter doesn’t like to go upstairs by herself, especially at night. If you’re already wondering if this is about how my house is haunted or something, don’t worry… it’s not. She just simply doesn’t feel comfortable and always asks us to stay near if she has to get something or has to go

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I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed lately. I try not to show it though since I don’t want to bring others down. Well, maybe my husband can tell. Maybe he’s even feeling the same way. We both just have a lot on our plates right now. There’s so much behind the scenes stuff that goes into

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