I loved your 2004 hit song, “Jesus Walks.”  I didn’t know why and I didn’t know Jesus… but, there I was listening to it over and over again as a young, very lost teenage girl.  There was a particular passion, desperation and hope in your voice that resonated with me because I too, struggled under the weight of an intense battle for my soul.  Oh, if I only knew then what I know now.

Eventually, God’s love broke through and He turned my life completely upside down in a way I never dreamed possible.  I’ve been walking with Him now for around 15 years. 

When I heard you surrendered your life to Him too, my mind was immediately taken back to that song.  I smiled at the thought of Him tugging on your heart for so long.

I know people have their opinions, judgements and reservations concerning your faith.  I know they have you under microscopes and magnifying glasses as they confidently search for any imperfections or contradictions. 

But I also know you’re a mere man.  A human who has made mistakes, and in your imperfect humanity, will continue to make many more.   I know that your wife (now ex) has said that since coming to Christ, you’ve been a better husband and father.  I know that you’re a fighter and unafraid to go against the norm. I know that the scrutiny you’re facing is something all believers face – despite our various backgrounds and statuses. I know that you remind me of the apostle, Paul who once mocked Jesus before he radically came to the truth.  I know that I am overjoyed to hear God’s praise on your tongue. But, I also know that even if you stood up today and publicly declared it was all a lie, we as believers would still continue to pray for you.  

Most importantly of all, I know God can do anything – in and through anyone He pleases.  The angels rejoice at the salvation of others, whether it be yours or a 72-year-old janitor who lives alone and isolated. He is no favor of persons and a transformed life is something worth celebrating! Nevertheless, given your platform and celebrity culture in which you live, it takes even more courage to scream the name of Jesus from the rooftops. My hat goes off to you.

May you unapologetically keep lifting His name higher and higher.


Just another servant of Christ.