Most nights, me or my husband will read to our two youngest children before bed.  Last night, our son chose an awesome glow-in-the-dark dinosaur book that Nana included in his Easter basket this year. The special glow pages consisted of different habitats.  Various dinosaurs, large and small were camouflaged within each scenery.  You had to turn the light off in order for them to glow.  When we came to our first special page and turned the light off, the dinosaurs didn’t glow at all…not even a little. The page, along with the room, remained pitch black.  So, we turned the light on and held the page up closely to the lamp.  After trying again, the bright neon green spinosaurus, pterodactyl, and giant ancient crocodile immediately came to life.  The kids absolutely loved it and it was pretty fun for me too.  Learning more about the creatures God made is fun as it is, but adding dinosaurs (our favorite) and this neat element? Triple cool.  When Daddy came home, they were exited to show him and we agreed to leave the page under the lamp even longer this time so the dinosaurs would be really bright. 

And there you have it. My Holy Spirit moment came rushing in like a flood. Immediately I felt Him pressing upon my heart.  The more time we spend in the light, the brighter we become.  Boom.  What an interesting and profound reminder to my soul.  After sharing with my husband and pondering a little more, I considered the darkness too.  When the book didn’t spend any time in the light, it remained dark. It blended in with the rest of the room and had it been laying around, and not in my hands, we wouldn’t even know where it was.  The object had to be paired with the light in order for the full effect to come out.  It makes me think of those old school plastic stars too. You know, the one’s you stick on the ceiling with that puddy substance. I had a whole universe going on in my room when I was a kid…planets and all. But they were no fun when they lost their glow.

Anyhow, I needed this beautiful reminder (especially with our village size of a family and other daily life responsibilities).  If you needed it too, I pray that it was a blessing to you as well.  We must spend time with our Father so we can recharge and go out being a light to this hurting and dark world (not to mention, intentional time spent with Him increases our peace and helps us to learn the nature of His heart more). The closer we are to Him, the brighter we will shine.  Even Jesus – the very Son of God who was the very Light, made it a point to get His alone time in with His Father.  Let’s soak up as much of Him as we can by talking to Him and listening to Him, especially through His Word first and foremost. Study, believe and receive!

Love you, dear friends! Have a wonderful Monday!

“If a man wants to be used by God, he cannot spend all of his time with people.” – A. W. Tozer