One day, about a year ago, I was in church and felt prompted to let one of the worship leaders know that God sees them.  I could feel His heart whispering, I see you…. I see you…. to that person, but the message wasn’t getting through to them.  Apparently, they felt invisible in that season, like their prayers weren’t being heard or like their life simply didn’t matter. Yet, the Creator of the universe was aching for them to know – I do see you, keep pressing on.

I believe as Moms, we sometimes feel the same way they felt.  Somewhere in all the cooking, cleaning, balancing parenthood (while also working), kissing boo boo’s, driving around to various obligations and simply holding onto our sanity, we begin to feel invisible. We begin to wonder, does it all even matter?    I know I’ve felt that way before! Being a mom is the greatest joy and reward, but it can also be very difficult at times. 

If you’re in a season of wondering if it all matters or you’re feeling invisible, know this:  It does matter and you ARE seen.  Your selfless acts of love and sacrifice are seen by your very Creator and by those little eyes that look up at you – and up to you. 

Lord, thank You for every woman reading this right now and for the precious children you’ve given her, whether young or old.  If there’s any Mom having a hard time, remind her that YOU see her.  Envelop her in Your love and show her just how beautiful and valuable she truly is, even when she doesn’t see or feel it.  

 May we never take our kids for granted and always enjoy the great gift they are to us.  Give us peace in the hard moments and fill us with wisdom to raise them in a way that not only honors You, but teaches them about YOUR Heavenly love for them – love that is far greater and much deeper than what we are capable of in our human motherly love. Help us to partner with You even more as You mold them into the men and women you are calling them to be one day!

In Jesus name, amen.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mamas! Keep pressin’ on.