We’ve all faced times in life when we wanted to grab someone and shake them so they somehow, magically, would “get it”. As if shaking them would bring about their ah ha moment and make them finally understand what they’ve been missing all along.   Or maybe we were the ones someone else wanted to shake at times. But nonetheless, people actually have to want to see the truth in order to see it. It’s especially not something that can be forced on others by repeating yourself. Some things just simply require a revelation from God and you have to trust that HE will provide one. As Isaiah 55:8-9 says, His ways and His thoughts are above ours.   They are far, far, far above ours (and not to mention, there is freedom in letting go…even when it’s scary).

If you’ve ever struggled in allowing God to do His job (just as I have), I pray you take a vow with me today to let Him work in peace from now on. Relax and know that He carries your burdens. Thank Him for the fact that it’s not your job and it never was. He is able and He is unfailing so therefore, He will never let us down. Plus, walking with Him means you are always in a win-win situation even during the most difficult of seasons and even if others believe you are losing. Lets remind ourselves daily that He is exactly who He says He is and He can do exactly what He says He can do.

God bless you, my sweet friends.

The bible is rich in powerful wisdom, beautiful analogies and inspiring stories that help us to better understand God’s character and successfully grow in the midst of life’s ups and downs. There are so many scriptures that tie into what I shared today, but I will leave you with these for now.
 Refer to scriptures I mentioned above. Isaiah 55:8-9 (one of my all-time favorites!)
I encourage you to mediate on them throughout your week. Study the context. In addition, pray for God to show you exactly how you can apply them to your life now. Nothing is too small for Him to use; you just never know what He’s up to! And as always, I am on this journey with you so let’s do this!